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Published 06 June 2023

We're Back From California!

During a memorable two-week journey, our delegation of NZ growers, researchers, government officials, and agritech company representatives embarked on an incredible experience, visiting growers and engaging with agritech companies in California.

A key observation from our trip was the staggering scale of the California horticulture market—in both size and in the amount of capital available. With an annual output of approximately USD$37 billion, it dwarfs New Zealand's horticulture industry, which stands at around USD$4 billion.

However, amidst this disparity, we discovered striking similarities between the challenges faced by our respective horticulture sectors. Issues such as labour shortages, climate change, and consumer pressures transcend borders and provide remarkable opportunities for Kiwi companies to enter the US market.

Be sure to stay tuned for our insights on this expansive US market on our LinkedIn and website in the coming weeks.