Building strong partnerships in the argitech industry

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In partnership with industry, the New Zealand (NZ) government supports the growth of the NZ Agritech Sector. This has evolved into the Agritech Activator, whose purpose is to create more global agritech companies, and increase the uptake of innovation in the NZ agricultural sector.

Why Agritech?

  • Grows New Zealand exports
  • Large financial benefit for agriculture
  • Increases long-term investment
  • Builds strong global partnerships
  • Solves crucial agricultural challenges
  • Activation delivers high impact

Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is for New Zealand (NZ) to be considered the global Agritech leader in terms of industry growth; number of exporting agritech companies; attraction of capital; and the strength of the NZ Agritech ecosystem of growers, investors, corporates and researchers.

Therefore we want to grow the number, size and revenue of globally successful, scaling NZ Agritech companies and the overall sector size.

We also want NZ to continue to be a global agriculture leader with increased productivity, sustainability and quality through the use of world leading Agritech solutions.

  • Grow sector revenue and exports
  • A more smarter and connected ecosystem
  • More high-paying and high value jobs
  • A deeper investment landscape
  • Increased Māori participation
  • A greater international focus

Empowering Customers

  • Leaves
    Capital and Capability
    Access funding and know-how that can power your future success

  • Go Global
    Explore and Expand
    Investigate new local and international opportunities for product-market fit to take your business to the next level

  • Connections
    Connect and Collaborate
    Surround yourself with the people, organizations and partners that can help your business thrive

The Agritech Activator in 2023

Agritech Activator Team

  • Agritech Activator Team

    Simon Yarrow

    Agritech Activator Group Manager

    20+ years private sector experience with an international focus combined with 10 years driving the growth of the agritech sector at Callaghan Innovation.

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  • Agritech Activator Team

    Sophie Rebbeck

    Project Lead - Viticulture, Investment & Science, Commercialisation

    Geographical Focus: AUNZ

    A product and business development career spanning decades, including technical, marketing and senior leadership roles in the Agritech industry.

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  • Agritech Activator Team

    Clara Arribas

    Project Lead - Digital Solutions & Analysis

    Geographical Focus: LATAM

    10 years of engineering experience in the international and local Energy sector combined with extensive consultancy in the CleanTech and Agritech industries

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  • Agritech Activator Team

    Shane Dooley

    Project Lead - Agriculture | Global Signals

    Geographical Focus: EU & UK

    Over 20 years private sector experience including commercialisation and product development leadership roles along with 7 years at Callaghan Innovation

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  • Agritech Activator Team

    Andrew Cameron

    Project Lead - Horticulture | Trial Networks

    Geographical Focus: USA

    Extensive international based business experience in the healthcare sector. Now leading agritech and health commercialization projects for multiple organisation in NZ

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  • Agritech Activator Team

    Kerrie Mayo

    Events Manager

    Skilled Events and Marketing Manager with 4+ years of experience in planning and executing successful events in New Zealand and abroad

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