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Published 05 July 2023

Safety net for fishing industry

SafetyNet Technologies, a UK-based company, has developed tech to enhance the sustainability of fishing practices and address the issue of waste in the industry.

Their innovative technology aims to assist fishing crews in catching their target species while reducing unintentional bycatch. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, a staggering 38 million tonnes of sea creatures are accidentally caught each year, and most of this bycatch is discarded as waste.

The company’s product utilises coloured LED lights, which attract the intended species while simultaneously discouraging unwanted bycatch. Additionally, this feature enables fishing crews to save time and effort by reducing the need for sorting fish once caught.

New Zealand’s maritime territory is 15 times the size of our landmass, so we could have a big opportunity to make our mark in fishing tech.

What other aquaculture technologies would make good bait to ensure NZ reels in the next generation of investment dollars?