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Published 06 July 2023

Robotic Jellyfish

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a major issue for many reasons, including that fish are becoming contaminated with it.

Previous mechanical attempts to clean up ocean plastic have had rigid bodies with hydraulic pumps and motors - causing noise pollution underwater and potential damage to marine ecosystems and wildlife.

The Jellyfish-Bot imitates the movements and functionality of real jellyfish to trap and extract rubbish from the ocean. Its biophilic design allows it to pulse electric energy through artificial soft `muscles’ enabling the jelly-bot to move swiftly and gracefully. Plus, being hand-sized they’re lightweight, energy-efficient, and near-silent.

How might we use less human-like design in robot creation and take inspiration from other life forms?

Might that change the way we manage fisheries? Or herd sheep (remember our Robotic Wolves story from Global Signals #7?)