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Published 17 August 2023

Nanobubble Agritech scaling up fast

Nanobubble Agritech, co-founded by Taranaki couple Leon Power and Lauren Oehme, can now supply large-scale irrigated orchard, cropping and dairy farms with their oxygen-enhanced water. 

Previously limited to smaller trial areas, the team have been contracted to install one of their systems on 100 hectares of a South Island dairy farm this summer – a significant upgrade from their original system that could service 12 hectares.

Designed to be retrofitted into farmers’ existing irrigation systems, Nanobubble Agritech’s machine works by inserting tiny bubbles of oxygen into irrigated water. This forces water to hold oxygen levels up to four times its previous limit.

The oxygen acts as a catalyst for growth by helping plants absorb more nutrients, but it also can improve root structure and increase healthy bacteria in soil. As a result, crops irrigated with Nanobubble Agritech’s oxygenated water can produce up to 30 percent more yield.

This technology is increasingly used in hydroponic growing, but it wasn’t proven to work in soil until Leon and Lauren’s work with Massey University in 2020, when the pair set up Nanobubble Agritech. They have since conducted 17 installations and trial sites in both Australia and New Zealand in a range of growing settings. 

After two historically wet growing seasons in New Zealand, Leon was pleased to have the opportunity to head to South Australia as part of the Agritech ITP’s recent market immersion trip. He says the dry conditions of the region make it the ideal spot for expanding their customer base.

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