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Published 02 February 2023

Global Insights Service

We’re looking to connect Kiwi agritech businesses to global experts, including former executives, technologists, investment professionals, industry experts, independent consultants, and agritech specialists. 

If you’re seeking knowledge that you haven’t been able to access through normal channels, and if that knowledge will help you make strategic decisions or move the dial for your business, get in touch by completing the steps below:

  • complete a short brief (link below) with the question you need an answer for;

  • predict the benefit to your organisation by having this answer;

  • select from the list of experts that you feel will provide the best answers;

  • attend a 60-minute meeting (at no charge) with the expert; 

  • and put your learnings into practice!

This process is conducted with confidentiality. Complete the brief and we’ll find the expertise required to help move your business into 2023!