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Published 18 September 2023

Forget EV’s, Welcome ET’s

Monarch Tractor has developed the world’s first 100 per cent electric tractor that’s self-driving and data-driven. New Zealand’s own Mike Casey, owner of the country’s first fully electric cherry orchard near Queenstown, already has one on the way!

The MK-V tractor is a mashup of innovations, tackling decarbonisation, automation, and smart technology.  Not only does it move away from the use of harmful diesel in the wake of energy price hikes, the self-driving ability could address labour shortages farmers are experiencing globally.

Arguably even more exciting, the night-vision capability allows the tractor to work after the sun has set.

With so many innovative tractors hitting the market, will the night-vision be what clinches it for the early adopters? As more farms become more mechanised and automated, what will that mean for workers?