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Published 08 February 2023

Cropsy and Oxin Set Sights on California

Kiwi agritech companies Cropsy and Oxin are embarking on an adventure to conquer the California market.

With their cutting-edge solutions, Cropsy's scalable AI-powered vision system and Oxin's autonomous multi-functional vineyard tractor, they’re aiming to make a global impact - with the US a critical step in this journey.

...our companies have complementary missions, so collaborating on this trip was a natural choice.

– Ali Alomari

California produces 81% of all US wine and is the world’s 4th leading wine producer. Additionally, California’s wine industry includes 4,795 wine producers and 89,882 acres of vineyards, making it the perfect place for these innovative companies to build relationships and gain valuable insights.

The two companies have joined forces on this market immersion trip, which runs from February 13th to 25th, to explore new opportunities and support each other's global journeys.

"Our tech is on Oxin's tractor, and our companies have complementary missions, so collaborating on this trip was a natural choice," says Ali Alomari, CEO and Co-Founder of Cropsy. "We're eager to connect with growers and investors to see what the future holds for our companies in the international market."Andrew Kersley, CEO of Oxin, echoes Alomari's sentiment.

"California is the ideal market to start taking our products globally and partnering with Cropsy only amplifies our chances of success."Collaborating for Success“The viticulture in California is more aligned with New Zealand’s than Europe, which allows us to enter the market seamlessly with fewer changes to our tech being necessary,” says Kersley.

The two companies will also be seeking market validation, capital raising opportunities, and building relationships with US investors. With California's high adoption rate of new technologies, especially in the face of climate change and labour shortages, the chances of securing commercial partnerships are high.

Callaghan Innovation's Agritech team is excited to see how this trip moves the dial for Cropsy and Oxin.

"I'm thrilled to see our agritech companies further exploring international markets," says Simon Yarrow, Group Manager Agrifood at Callaghan Innovation. "I think we’ve seen when we support NZ companies on our market immersion trips, the best way to create global opportunities is to get into the country and fully comprehend how your product might be tweaked to suit the market’s unique needs.”