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Published 26 June 2024

Kiwi start-up eyes Chile after market immersion

Agritech Activator was delighted to support the founder of Milktech NZ, Gustavo Garza, to attend the NZTE Agritech Latin America Market Immersion earlier this year.

Gus is the founder of MilktechNZ LTD, a global leader in designing CR-1 electronic cup removers . MilktechNZ’s advanced wireless technology and web app allows for full flexibility to fine-tune milking routines in both herringbone and rotary cow sheds.

Through the seven-day immersion programme, Gus explored the Chilean dairy sector, meeting with buyers, distributors and stakeholders to gain insights into the local business realities of the Latin American region.

As a result, Gus is seriously considering the Chilean market as part of his global growth strategy.

“Chile was not even in on my radar in terms of expansion. The trip helped me understand much better how the market is developing – it gave me a completely different perspective. The opportunity is bigger than I ever realised.”

The particular opportunity Gus has identified is in retrofitting technology currently in-use on farm.

“Our technology fits like a glove into the Chilean market. We’re looking into an opportunity with Manuka, the largest dairy production company in Chile, to install a complete demo on-farm over there, so we can show farmers what we can actually do and help train up their staff. I’m aiming to have that completed by the end of the year – so I’ll be actually travelling back myself shortly too.”

Gus also travelled with Agritech Activator to the UK and Ireland market immersion, and has since opened up the Milktech UK office.

“I encourage any other companies in New Zealand to jump in on the market immersions, they’re actually really, really good. It’s really key to get in market, but also form partnerships with other companies, travelling together, and helping each other with contacts and tips on the market"