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Published 04 October 2023

Agritech Investor Forum

Agritech Investor Forum - Day 1 - Investor Landscape
Tuesday 21 November 2023, Auckland

The Agritech Investor Forum will start with speakers sharing pearls of wisdom and their real-life stories of investing or receiving investment themselves. This must-attend day will look at a range of different aspects of investment including methods that agritech companies can approach raising capital as well as the lesser-known aspects of the pressure-cooker environment of investment.

Register today for the Early Bird price of $70 to join us for Day 1 - Investor Landscape. 

Early bird pricing ends on 5pm Friday, 13 October.

Agritech Investor Forum - Day 2 - Agritech / Investor meetings
Wednesday 22 November 2023, Auckland

On Day 2 of the forum we are creating the opportunity for agritech companies to pitch their solutions to motivated investors in one-on-one discussions. Agritech companies and investors who are registered to attend Day One will be given the opportunity to apply to participate along with some invited investor groups.

Successful applicants will take part in meetings with investors. Please note: there is an additional charge to participate in these meetings.