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23 - 24 May 2024 Central Otago, New Zealand

Agritech: Innovating Towards Sustainability

We are heading to Central Otago to meet the innovative farmers and growers in the regions as part of our first-ever domestic agritech tour.

Over the two days in Central Otago, you will get to see a range of innovative operations, all with sustainability at their core, alongside a busload of other like-minded agritech companies, growers and ecosystem representatives. 

We will be stopping at the following locations:

  • Lake Hāwea Station

  • Forest Lodge Orchard

  • Tinwald Farm, and

  • Peregrine Estate – Bendigo

And diving in to the following topics:

  • Shining the Spotlight on Soil Microbes in Diversified Farming Systems

  • The World's First 100% Electric, Zero Fossil Fuel Orchard

  • Tackling the Climate Crisis Through Technology-assisted, Regenerative Farming

  • Maintaining a Sustainable Viticulture Operation Across Generations

Secure your ticket today before we sell out. This is one event you won't want to miss!


Thursday 23rd May 

7:30am - Agritech: Innovating Towards Sustainability Launchpad Breakfast 

Location: Mountain Club Queenstown (85 Beach Street, Queenstown) 

Topics: About Mountain Club | Why Central Otago? | Coffee | Breakfast | Networking 

Mountain Club Queenstown is home to a community of entrepreneurs creating positive impact in Central Otago. They are passionate about developing deeper connections and partnerships with industry leaders. The perfect place to kick-off our 2-day immersion. 

9:30am - Bus Depart 

11:00am - Shining the Spotlight on Soil Microbes in Diversified Farming Systems 

Location: Tinwald Farm 

Topics: About Tinwald Farm | Soil Microbiome | Farming Biodiversity 

Tinwald Farm focuses on the biology of soils and how they interact within the ecosystem. They take great care to protect their biggest asset, the soil. They follow a science-led approach to improve soil ecology and performance with sustainability being a key focus. 

12:45pm - Bus Depart 

1:00pm - Lunch at Forest Lodge Orchard 

2:00pm - The World's First 100% Electric, Zero Fossil Fuel Orchard 

Location: Forest Lodge Orchard 

Topics: About Forest Lodge Orchard | Growing the Best Cherries | Benefits of Electrification 

Forest Lodge Orchard is the cornerstone for NZ's climate-conscious agriculture movement. In an industry known to produce high emissions, they're stepping up to the challenge and driving zero fossil fuel use in agriculture. 

4:00pm - Launch Event: Agritech Activator 

5:30pm - Bus Departs 

6:00pm - Check In at Oakridge Resort, Wanaka

7:00pm - Dinner at Stoaker Room, Wanaka

9:00pm - END

Friday 24th May 

7:00am - Breakfast at Oakridge Resort, Wanaka

8:00am - Bus Departs

9:00am - Tackling the Climate Crisis Through Technology-assisted, Regenerative Farming
Lake Hāwea Station

Topics: About Lake Hāwea Station | Carbon Sequestration | Regenerative Agriculture

Lake Hāwea Station is the first climate positive farm in Australasia. Critical to the team are nutrient management, water quality and sustainability. They have set lofty goals to protect and enhance our waterways, conserve and restore biodiversity and introduce regenerative farming practices. 

11:00am - Bus Departs

12:00pm - Lunch at Peregrine Estate - Bendigo

12:30pm - Maintaining a Sustainable Viticulture Operation Across Generations

Location: Peregrine Estate - Bendigo

Topics: About Peregrine Estate - Bendigo | Water Management | Recycling Organic Matter

A family run, Central Otago vineyard aiming for a closed system in which all inputs come off its own land and are recycled back after the wine is made, so the only additional input is water. This estate employs a holistic approach that integrates crop and livestock farming to vineyard management. 

2:00pm - Bus Departs

3:00pm - Bus Arrives at Queenstown Airport

3:10pm - END


Ticket price includes meals, transportation and one night's accommodation. Beverages at your own expense

  • Super Early Bird - $299 inc. GST - closes 26th April 5pm

  • General - $399 inc. GST

This event is part of our effort to supercharge New Zealand’s agritech sector with Agritech Activator 

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