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Published 14 November 2023

New Zealand start-up heads to major agrichemical forum

Agrichemical safety start-up HazEL is the first New Zealand company to be invited to present at the 2023 US Innovators Roundtable by Change Chemistry group that kicks off today in the US.

HazEL is a platform that helps regulators and farmers make better decisions with the chemicals they use on the land by providing them with insights based on the latest research via a smartphone app.

Kate Bromfield, CEO and co-founder, says she was stunned to be invited and is very much looking forward to getting in front of industry leaders that will include the likes of ExxonMobil, Apple, and Esthee Lauder.

"It's pretty reassuring to know that the team at HazEL do in fact seem to have got it right," she says.

“HazEL offers a simple way for the ag sector to track and audit the chemicals they're using, and report the decisions they make that prove they're reducing chemical harm,”

– Kate Bromfield

HazEL will present at the forum in a ‘reverse pitch’, where instead of raising funds, they will look to be matched with a corporate to solve existing problems.

“The main thing we’re looking to get out of the experience is making new connections with major decision-makers at chemical manufacturers,” Bromfield says. “I’m also really looking forward to getting a feel for the US market - the potential for us to grow there is enormous.”

For more about HazEL, visit their website:

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